Mansavage Productions can design an ecommerce website for you with the ability to take credit card payments and other payment methods if you want a website that you can sell your products or services to your readers. We are experienced at programming websites with SSL Certificate Security. We are knowledgeable at recommending whatever level of security features you may need for your website.

Mansavage Productions is experienced at programming both SSL Certificates into websites, as well as programming PayPal features into websites. Sometimes you might want both an SSL Certificate and PayPal on your website; sometimes having PayPal on your website suffices. Mansavage Productions Consulting can recommend the best strategy for your business website.

Password Protection
Mansavage Productions can design some pages or all the pages in your website to be Password Protected. Then for someone to find and view your pages on the internet, that person would be required to enter a user login and password. This feature is useful if you want to have your media kit or prices available online but only to people who you have provided user login and password information to.