Websites can be designed to be static or they can become static.

Mansavage Productions can create a static website for you, or Mansavage Productions can do initial maintenance work for a newly launched website, or for a website that has been online for awhile.

An example of a static website that does its job, would be a website whose main purpose is to act somewhat like a listing in the phone book (remember those?). These days, Google is more likely to function as a phone book when people want to look up a business function, address, or phone number. A website with this basic information provides a valuable service for a business, without having to be updated, changed or added to very often. These websites need little if any maintenance to perform properly.

However, some websites require a good deal of maintenance to keep the website information material current and accurate. A website that promotes and advertises daily, weekly or monthly events at the business, needs much more maintenance to function properly.

Mansavage Productions will handle all of your website maintenance requirements, whether you have us design a static page and that's it, or maintain your website with frequent updates, you can count on Mansavage Productions to perform the work you want accurately and timely.