JavaScript Code For Slideshow

<p class=”textcenter”> <script language=”JavaScript”> var i = 0; var path = new Array();// LIST OF IMAGES path[0] = “/bodywork/syclonebackside.jpg”; path[1] = “/bodywork/syclonefrontside.jpg”; path[2] = “/bodywork/sycloneside.jpg”; path[3] = “/bodywork/paintautobody.jpg”; function swapImage() { document.slide.src = path[i]; if(i < path.length – 1) i++; else i = 0; setTimeout(“swapImage()”,3000); } window.onload=swapImage; </script> <img height=”271″ name=”slide” src=”/bodywork/syclonebackside.jpg” width=”320″ /><br></p>

How To Get Rid Of Green Fill In Fluid Grid Layouts Using Dreamweaver CS6

The green overlay in a new fluid grid layout can be turned off by¬†going to the Visual Aids icon (on same line as Split and Design views, to the right, a dotted square with and eye in front of it). Click the Visual Aids icon and then Deselect Fluid Grid Layout Guides to turn the […]