Formula For Incremental Shipping In PayPal Button Creation


Change the “2.50” to whatever amount you want to be the shipping charge when more than one item is ordered.

Goes in “Advanced Variables” in “Customize Advanced Features” when creating PayPal button.

Must check option that customers can change the amount of the order.



How To Create Grass Background In Photoshop

Here is great link to How To Create Grass:

Use Photoshop and create a new document.

Set your foreground and background colors to black and white. A shortcut for this is to restore Photoshop’s color defaults by pressing ‘d’ on your keyboard.

Go to the toolbar at the top and click filter->render->clouds

Add some noise. Click filter->noise->add noise. Change the amount to 44%, the distribution to gaussian and make sure monochromatic is checked on.

Add a gaussian blur to the dirt layer. Click filter->blur->gaussian blur. Set the radius to 0.9 pixels.

Give the dirt layer it’s color. Click image->adjustments->hue/saturation. Make sure to check preview and colorize. Then change the setting to a nice brown. I used: Hue: 49, Saturation: 29, Lightness: -38. Click OK.

OK, we are now finished with the dirt layer. That gives us a nice texture and color underneath the grass we are about to create. Let’s start on the grass. Create a new layer and name it “Grass.”

Change your background color to a grassy color green, I used, #52782F. Hit ‘ctrl, backspace’ to fill your current layer (Grass) with the green color you selected.

Add some noise to your new grass layer. Click filer->add noise->noise. Choose 30% for the amount, gaussian for the distribution, and check monchromatic. Click OK.

Blur the grass layer. Click filter->blur->gaussian blur. Change the radius to 0.9 pixels, click OK.

Use a couple of wind filters to lengthen the grass and simulate the look of blades. Click filter->stylize->wind, and change the settings to: method, stagger and direction, from the right. Click OK.

Add a little more direction and interest to our layer. First click image->rotate canvas->90 CW. Click OK.

Repeat the last two steps now, but go in the opposite direction. So go to filter->stylize->wind again and choose stagger, from the left. Click OK.

Now flip the image so the grass looks verticle. Click image->rotate canvas->90 CCW. Below is what I’ve got so far…

If grass could use a little more contrast, then change the levels by clicking image->adjustments->levels. Drag the white and black sliders towards the middle till you get the variance you are after. Click OK.

There you have it! Grass for all kinds of backgrounds.lawnsigngrass




Bulk Email

Here is one of the best ways that a bulk emailing is accomplished:

The spreadsheet containing all the email addresses should be saved as a .csv file.

The spreadsheet should have a header row at the top of the spreadsheet, with recipients first name, last name, and email address, each as one word all lower case.

Sample Spreadsheet For Bulk Emailing

The above spreadsheet could be used to send 3 emails to me all at once.

Create a new email in your email program. I use Mozilla Thunderbird with Mail Merge add-on.

Copy & Paste the HTML code of the HTML email into the body of the email that you want to send to people listed in the spreadsheet. In Thunderbird, click Insert, choose HTML, then paste code into dialogue box.

In the To: entry, type {{email}}

(Enclose the column headings in 2 sets of curly braces.)

The Thunderbird program will automatically generate emails in the Outbox addressed to everyone in the “email” column of the spreadsheet.

If you type Dear {{firstname}} in the body of the mail, each email will have the first name of each person associated with the corresponding email address.

Choose Send Unsent Messages.



ZAMZAR Online Convert PDF Files To HTML5 Files

The best online converter that I have found to convert PDF files to HTML5 files is called Zamzar.

Their website is