Texas Hold’em Poker Classes Available Now In Minnetonka, MN

Learn the game of Texas Hold’em Poker as played in bars and restaurants in Minnesota, casino rooms and at corporate events. Attend classes hosted by professional poker dealer and casino games author and teacher Peter Mansavage. Beginner, intermediate and advanced classes are now available. Whether you just want to learn to sit in and enjoy […]

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ThatHotRodShop.com Domain Name For Sale On Ebay by Mansavage Productions

Update 3/17/2017: This is an update to previous post. Mansavage Productions now has the domain name thathotrodshop.com for sale. Contact us for more information. Mansavage Productions is now a featured seller on Ebay with the seller name mansavagepro. There you will find some of the products that we design and manufacture. Get in on the […]